Elyn offers the convenience of ordering online, with the option of trying on before you buy, just like in a store. No need to hesitate between two models, sizes or colors: order what you like, keep only what you love. You will only be charged for the items you keep.

How does it work in practice?


On our partner brands’ online stores, select Elyn at checkout to complete your order


Try items in the comfort of your home and return what doesn’t fit.


You only pay for kept items. Returned items are not charged and you can easily request an exchange for another product or a store credit.

Why shop with Elyn?

With Elyn, it's like having the store and fitting room right at home. You can try the product, touch it, choose the right size, and know how what to pair it with.
With Elyn, everything is designed to ensure that you receive a product that you love and that fits you perfectly.

Elyn is a totally free service. All that is required of me as a customer is a slightly shorter return time.

Elyn makes returns and exchanges super easy.
In just a few clicks, you can initiate a return or exchange for your item.
If you request an exchange, you can easily specify the desired replacement item, and the merchant will ship it to you.

Elyn is already on your favorite online stores

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