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Try before you buy

A new shopping experience, better than online, and better than in-store.

Sell with Elyn and boost your online sales




They trust us

Because great products deserve to be experienced

When shopping online, customers cannot to try and feel your products, resulting in decision-making friction and cart abandonment

Elyn allows customers to physically interact with your product, creating a prime moment to showcase your items.

Merchants who use our Try Before You Buy service:

  • Increase their conversion rate by up to +30%.
  • Increase their average order value by up to +20%. 

Because great products deserve to be experienced


Very good service that allows you to see if the product suits you or not.


Fan of your concept! It should be present elsewhere, it's ultra practical!


Very practical because it is possible to try before buying and this in all peace of mind at home.


The service is perfect to test the product. We receive several reminder emails at the end, the information is clear and sufficient 🤩.


Thank you for this possibility to test before's a nice plus.

What an Elyn order looks like

Discover a new customer experience with Elyn

Exactly like in a regular order, except the customer is not charged yet. The purchasing decision is deferred to a later time, allowing the customer to try your product at home and decide if they want to keep it.

Elyn customers have a shorter return window of 5 days instead of the usual 14. The terms and policies are crystal clear, and reminders are sent regularly to the customer.

Elyn's model is geared towards your success: our fee is based on kept articles only. Elyn guarantees payment no matter what happens.

Why sell with Elyn?

Elyn streamlines your returns management

Your all-in-one returns management platform for seamless customer experience

Manage all your returns on a single platform, with real-time visibility.

Turn returns
into revenue

Offer your customers the opportunity to instantly exchange items that don't fit for another item or a voucher.

Elyn easily adapts to all your processes

Whether your returns are free or paid, whether you want to give a 2 or 20 day trial period, whether you want to take care of return slips or not: Elyn adapts 100% to your needs.


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